Permanent Recruitment

Our permanent recruitment offers clients an extensive candidate search and selection process. HireMyntra is helped organization and candidate find their right fit of employees and employer respectively. We offer complete solutions, where job seekers are mapped to the job requirement of using innovative profiling technique for various industries (ITs/Non IT). We serve industry like- FMCG, Banking and insurance sector, telecommunication, Information technology, and engineering, BPO /ITs etc.

How do you get benefit from HireMyntra:

  • Decrease in human resource cost - HireMyntra would be responsible for all searching and conducting interview by us. Once candidate are identified, we will share with you the profile. Thus providing cost saving when compare to normal hiring.
  • Reduce hiring expenditure - When you are evaluating associates, any hiring expenditure are in hold. Thus providing substantial cost saving, when compare to traditional hiring.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency - HireMyntra offers fulltime employment only to the best candidate to our renewed clients.